Millionaires Brownies

Welcome to the Bakeables by LJ postal Brownie shop! We have three delicious flavoured millionaires chocolate brownies. We make all our millionaires brownies freshly to order with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring you get delicious gooey brownies every time. 

These make the perfect treat for yourself or a lovely gift for someone you care about. You can order a box of six freshly baked large millionaires brownies (we believe treats should really be more than a mouthful!) All our postal millionaires brownies are thoughtfully packaged, including a free optional gift note.  

Come back and check this page regularly as we have sales, add limited editions and continue to develop our wonderful postal brownies.


Not only do these sweet treats make the perfect gift, to yourself or a loved one, purchasing one also gives a gift to registered Charity Wynter's Wish as we donate 5% of all profits from orders

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